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Everything you need to know as a gluten-free tourist in the Netherlands

Are you looking for the best gluten-free spots while travelling in the Netherlands? You've come to the right place! We have gathered all the necessary information for gluten-free in the Netherlands in one easy overview.

glutenvrij op vakantie

Gluten-free restaurants in the Netherlands

In general, most restaurants in the Netherlands are more than happy to help any customer to find a suitable dish. Increasingly more restaurants in the Netherlands have gluten-free bread available. Do keep in mind that not all establishments are aware of cross contamination, so make sure you ask them to use clean utensils and explain that you have to eat gluten-free on medical grounds. If you wish, you can use a restaurant card to help you.

Are you looking for a carefree and safe meal out? Choose a restaurant with the ''Lekker Glutenvrij'' logo. Restaurants with this logo (either on their website and/or socials, or on a sticker on their door) have been inspected by, or on behalf of, the Dutch Coeliac Society (NCV) and are checked annually by an external audit agency. The NCV has a list of gluten-free accredited restaurants with the ''Lekker Glutenvrij'' logo available. The most up-to-date list can be found on our Eating Out page with the contact information of these restaurants.

Gluten-free burgers at McDonald’s in the Netherlands

McDonald's is part of the NCV Eating Out programme as well. More than 190 McDonald's restaurants offer gluten-free burgers. You can choose between a gluten-free hamburger, cheeseburger or quarter pounder. Keep in mind that not every McDonald's venue offers gluten-free burger options. Check our website for the full list of gluten-free accredited restaurants including McDonald's.

App for gluten-free restaurants

The NCV has partnered with the ''Glutenvrije Horeca'' app. In this app, you can clearly see which restaurants are affiliated with the NCV Eating Out programme through the Lekker Glutenvrij logo and in a dedicated list. In addition, you will find many restaurants recommended by others who have to eat gluten-free. So you will always find a venue near you.

Download the app: Glutenvrije Horeca.

Where to buy gluten-free food in the Netherlands

These days gluten-free products are generally widely available, certainly at the supermarket.

Some supermarkets even have a wide range of gluten-free products. Albert Heijn (AH), Jumbo and Plus have their own brand of gluten-free products, but Lidl and Aldi usually also have some basic products in stock. Generally, at most supermarkets you can find bread, biscuits and pasta. Bread can be found in the store's bread department or (in the freezer) in the gluten-free section. The gluten-free products can often be found in a specific dietary section in the supermarket.

Health stores (called ‘reformwinkel’ or ‘natuurvoedingswinkel’ in Dutch) such as Ekoplaza and Holland & Barrett also offer a wide range of gluten-free products.

General tips for gluten-free in the Netherlands

  • Many restaurants will offer deep-fried foods. Unfortunately, most of this food is not gluten-free. Keep in mind that chips/French fries are sometimes deep-fried in the same fryer as gluten-containing products. Always ask the restaurant if they have a deep-fat fryer dedicated for gluten-free food.
  • Gluten-free does not always mean wheat free! Some brands use gluten-free wheat starch, in Dutch “glutenvrij tarwezetmeel”. If you react to gluten-free wheat starch, make sure to look out for those words.
  • Download our Dutch restaurant card, to show your waiter and the chef what you can and can’t eat. We recommend also downloading the card in your own language, so you know exactly what it says.
  • Download the Dutch language via Google Translate, because it allows you to translate ingredients without internet. When you do have internet, it also scans and translates the ingredients!
  • If you order a hot beverage like a hot chocolate, the brand ‘Chocomel’ is very popular and gluten-free, but with other brands you'll have to check.
  • Some restaurants and bars serve cappuccino with a little chocolate powder sprinkled on top, which isn’t always gluten-free either. Make sure to check!
  • If you order a drink or a dessert with ”slagroom” (whipped cream), make sure they don’t stick a biscuit in it as a decorative but gluten-containing treat.


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